Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas at Hogwarts

We do a theme for our Christmas Eve festivities every year. This year we went a little hog wild with Christmas at Howgarts. Here's a peek at the fun.

 Our guests were sent an invitation by owl that said a floo network would be established at our address. This is the fireplace that greeted them when they arrived.

They were provided with instructions.

And Floo powder

Inside, a Honeydukes Sweet shop greeted them. (Honeydukes printables courtesy of Jonesing2create

The kids needed a galleon to purchase sweets, so they went on a hunt for a troll hoard in the dungeon. 

On their way they ran into Moaning Myrtle.

They found the hoard in a dresser drawer, along with some wands and a pair of socks.

On to the great hall, where the table was set with golden plates and piles of crackers. Unfortunately, magical crackers were sold out. We had to settle for the Muggle variety.
We had a roast dinner with butter beer, pumpkin juice or gilly water for drinks. 

We dressed the part. Here we have Luna, Professors Trelawney and Lupin and an unnamed house elf 

 Our last activity was a discussion about Remembralls and the many ways Heavenly Father has given us to remember His Son. We then made some Remembrall ornaments as a symbol of remembering Christ, not just at Christmas or on Sundays, but, as it says in the LDS sacrament prayers,



Mary said...

I am very much impressed with your Hogwarts Christmas Eve.

Sharon Cafferty said...

Can I bring my family next year? How fun and creative. I love it! We are huge Harry Potter fans as well!

Christi said...

Love it!